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API Integration

What are APIs?

APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces, enable one software application to interact and extract information from another.

We like to refer to APIs as the ‘ears and mouth’ of an automation. They allow automation robots to interact with other software systems, much like a human would. They can ‘listen’ to data from one system (through the ‘ears’), process this data, or ‘speak’ to another system (through the ‘mouth’) to execute an action or share processed information. This ability to communicate is what makes APIs valuable in many automations.

Why use APIs?

Imagine being able to take data from one part of your company and use it somewhere else, without having to copy it over manually. Or getting different software tools to work together seamlessly.

That’s the power of API Integration. It’s about making your treasury, finance, and risk management operations run smoother and faster, saving you time and money.

Example usecases

A few examples you can use APIs for:

  • Auto-update FX market rates in TMS.
  • Real-time risk analytics using live market data.
  • Push payment instructions from TMS to bank.
  • Instant credit ratings updates in risk tools.
  • Sync invoice data from ERP to accounts payable.
  • Auto-consolidate financial data for reporting.
  • Import sales forecasts from CRM to finance models.
  • Sync payment status across software platforms.
  • Update commodity prices in risk models.

How we can help

Our services cover everything from initial analysis to the final integration into your existing systems.

Analysis: First, we help identify and analyze the APIs that are available and suitable for your specific business tasks. We’ll detail what these APIs can and cannot do to help set realistic expectations and identify potential hurdles.

Getting the data: We can build the automation that interacts with these APIs. This can involve requesting data, performing actions, or both, depending on your unique requirements.

Data Transformation: APIs often return data in a raw format that isn’t immediately usable. We can transform this data into a format that is compatible with your systems, so that it can be processed by them. 

System Integration: Finally, we make sure that the data ends up exactly where you need it – in your system or report. Whether it’s your ERP, TMS, CRM or a custom-built application, we ensure seamless integration for optimal workflow efficiency.