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Artificial intelligence (AI)

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological field that focuses on creating machines capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. Today, AI includes several subfields, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which drive innovative tools like generative AI.

How to use AI in your company?

You’ve probably heard about AI models like ChatGPT. While impressive, it has some limitations, particularly for companies. For instance, ChatGPT doesn’t support company-specific contexts. Also, using sensitive company data in ChatGPT could potentially lead to a data leak.

The beauty of AI, however, lies in its adaptability. Companies can fine-tune existing AI models using their own data. This helps align the AI more closely with your company’s specific needs, improving its responses and preserving your privacy.

This allows your company to enjoy the power of AI.

Example usecases

A few examples you can use AI for within treasury, finance and risk management:

  • categorise transactions using a Classification model to optimise Cash Reporting

  • Extract data from text for automatic administration of trade finance instruments.

  • Interact with your own data using a Large Language model, functioning like a company-specific ChatGPT.

How we can help

Model Selection: Choosing the right AI model is key. We can guide you to pick a model that fits your business requirements and goals perfectly. This can be a model designed for one specific task, or a foundation model that can perform a broad range of tasks.

Fine-Tuning: Once the model is selected, we will customize it using your company data. This ensures your AI understands your unique business context.

Hosting: AI models can either be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Cloud hosting can be a great option for its ease of use and scalability, but if you have strict data security protocols or specific infrastructural requirements, on-premise hosting could be your choice.

Integration: We can integrate the AI into your processes and workflows. Robotic Process Automation and AI can work side-by-side to offer smarter automations.

Support: We provide support, ensuring your AI remains a valuable tool in your business operations.