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Excel tips

📌 Excel tips Do you often find yourself in need of accurate currency exchange rates while working on your financial spreadsheets? 🤔 Excel has the answer! Simply follow these easy steps to add live currency exchange rates in Excel. 💡 Pro Tip: The process can be automated to refresh the data periodically to ensure the …

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UiPath vs PowerAutomate

What’s the best fit for automation? After working with both, here’s a quick comparison: UiPath offers advanced features for professional users but comes with a steeper learning curve, while Power Automate seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs of the project. It’s important to carefully …

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Power Query Quiz

🚨 Power Query Quiz: “Select Columns” vs “Remove Columns” Which one should we use❓ With “Select Columns” you specify the columns that you need. With “Remove Columns” you specify the columns that you don’t need. “Select Columns” is usually better and leads to more robust queries. Why❓ 👉 It is more likely for the query …

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