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🚨 Power Query Quiz: “Select Columns” vs “Remove Columns”
Which one should we use❓

With “Select Columns” you specify the columns that you need.
With “Remove Columns” you specify the columns that you don’t need.
“Select Columns” is usually better and leads to more robust queries. Why❓

👉 It is more likely for the query to break due to unnecessary errors if you use “Remove Columns”. For instance, if you specifically remove a column named “Details,” your query will fail if the “Details” field is missing or modified in the original source, which is unnecessary since you don’t need that field.

👉 In a nutshell: instead of using “Remove Columns” to get rid of unwanted data, consider using “Select Columns” to include only the columns you need. This approach ensures that any errors generated by your query are relevant for the fields you are actually interested in.

💡 Remember the tip and give it a try!
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