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Process mining

What is it?

Imagine being able to see your company’s processes in action – where things slow down, where errors happen, and where you could save time and money. That’s what Process Mining does. It’s a tool that helps you see how your business processes, like those in your treasury, finance, and risk management departments, are really working. It’s like having an X-Ray of your operations, showing you exactly where you can improve.

Why use it?

So, why should you care about Process Mining? Because it allows you to eventually save time, decrease costs, and reduce risks. When you can see your processes clearly, you can spot where things are going wrong or slowing down. You can then start improving those processes, for example by automating them.

For finance and treasury operations, this can mean catching costly mistakes or delays and decreasing operational risk.

How does it work?

Process Mining is like being a detective for your own business. First, Process Mining software collects clues in the form of data from your systems. Then, it pieces these clues together to create a picture of how your processes are working. It’s like watching a video of your operations, letting you see what’s happening at each step. You can then use this information to make improvements and changes.

How we can help

We’ll help you get started, guiding you through every step. After you have insights in your processes, we can help you automating them.