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What am I celebrating today?

⚠ Long post alert! 📃
What am I celebrating today?

Automation Boutique is 2 years old! 🎂

This picture was taken on 16 January 2021 (in the midst of the pandemic! 😷) as soon as I arrived home from the notary with my freshly signed deed of incorporation.

It has been a spectacular ride🎢. There have been tough moments for sure, but it’s interesting how those get blurred out by your mind. What always stays sharp on focus is the memory of the many many people who have helped me and Automation Boutique.

Thank you Dionne van Prooijen for surprising me with champagne 🍾 2 years ago and for supporting me (and bearing with me) every day!

Thank you to everyone at Zanders for the memorable years I spent with you as a colleague and more recently for the fun process automation projects we still work on together.

Amongst these projects, a special thank you goes to amrane sahraoui and his team at Christian Louboutin 👠. Working with you is always such a pleasure!

Thank you to everyone at TreasurUp 🚀 with whom I have spent most of my time and effort this last year and a half. I love our mission of helping banks become treasury automation champions. We have been making such a difference for thousands of companies who now have access to really good, yet affordable, software to automate their treasury processes.

And last but not least, a big thank you to Emilia Daian for joining Automation Boutique last year. You could have chosen from many other (much bigger) companies… I’m so glad you didn’t!🙏

Cheers to two years of Automation Boutique and the wonderful people who have been a part of it! 🥂