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Workshop "Beyond the Buzzwords"

You might have heard about AI, APIs, IoT, and RPA a lot lately. These aren’t just buzzwords – they’re powerful tools that can significantly improve the way work is done within your treasury, finance and risk functions. The secret is understanding how to leverage these technologies. In our workshop “Beyond the Buzzwords” we will help you do just that.

About the workshop

This workshop is an interactive experience designed for teams of all sizes, ranging from small groups to larger departments. You can choose for a two-hour session covering all the basics, or dive deeper in our extensive two-day version. Throughout the workshop, our main goal is to make these technologies understandable, relatable, and directly applicable to your business context.

We’re here to help you make sense of these automation technologies. AI, APIs, IoT, RPA – they’re not just buzzwords, they are transformative tools waiting to be used. Our workshops will introduce these technologies, showcase demos, and give hands-on example use-cases for your treasury, finance, and risk management departments.

Why participate?

Our workshops are engaging and fun, bringing technology to life in an approachable way. We demonstrate real-life use cases relevant to your industry, and you’ll see how technology can drive your business forward.

We aim to do more than just provide a technology workshop. Our goal is to help the treasury and finance function position itself as a strategic leader within your organization, driving innovation and providing critical insights. We believe that technology and automation are the keys to this transformation.

At the end of the workshop, not only will you have a clear understanding of AI, APIs, IoT, RPA, and other automation tools, you will also know how to get started on your automation journey. You’ll have a blueprint for a roadmap, not just a stack of notes.

How to participate?

Because every company is unique, our workshop will be tailored to fit your company. Contact us, so that we can together explore the exact setup of the workshop.

Where is it held?

Wherever works best for you. We can come to your office, find a stimulating off-site location, or even go digital and connect remotely. We’re flexible and committed to ensuring the workshop fits seamlessly into your plans.